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Kolby Rodriguez

I love my super-telephoto zoom monocular telescope. For its size I Will easily pack it into my bag, very solid, easy, and has solid focus, meets travel needs, and is better than all the binoculars I have, attach it to a camera tripod and it is a solid, non-shaking, low power, telescope. Easy to use and durable, it is the perfect telescope for watching birds and wild animals. Thanks šŸ˜Š

Dave Keeling

Works fantastic for getting that close-up shot on my iPhone 11. I love it!! I am having so much fun with this monocular telescope. I have mainly used it for photographing birds, flowers, and other wildlife. If you want a quick picture, this isn't a great option because it takes time to set up and focus, however, I love it for capturing birds in my yard. and 4k 10-300x40mm super-telephoto zoom monocular telescope is ideal, lightweight, robust, and viewing quality is excellent. The scope is great. I've captured some really great pictures with just my iPhone 11. It is a nice size/weight for packing into a small backpack, and the image quality is excellent. I would highly recommend it

Heloise Champlin

Only downside, the tripod that is worth nothing. Otherwise, the rest is cool. Picture 1 without the bezel, (there is fog) Picture 2 with the smallest magnification, Picture 3 with the biggest magnification, And the last one, with the biggest coarse + zoom of the phone. Pretty impressive.

Elda Dare

The riflescope works fine, excellent value for money. Support for the phone works, the only shortcoming is the tripod provided that fails to hold up in balance the scope.

Eloy Wiza

I had previously bought the camera add-one for my phone so when I saw the telescope add-on I knew it would be the perfect addition. It just arrived this morning and Iā€™ve already used it to watch the birds in my backyard. The box was small and compact, assembly was relatively simple. Hopefully going to use this to look at the stars tonight!