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Jennifer Kemmer

The whistle is very loud and does draw people's attention. It is light and easy to carry, small enough to stash in your pocket or purse if you want to, and provides me with that extra sense of security in case something happens and I need help. I tested the whistle and it even works partially filled with mud and water. The lanyard is long enough and feels sturdy. The whistle is so loud it caused two dogs to stop fighting and separate long enough for the owners to control them.

Gilberto Aufderhar

Decent value. Light so it doesn't feel like you're wearing it. Low profile so if you fall while biking or skiing, it doesn't hurt...(which I never do but I can see how this feature could come in handy for OTHER bikers or skiers ;-)

Ettie Will

We bought this for a grandma because she loved to be outdoors but at 92 years old, she is susceptible to falling when no one is looking. She requested an emergency whistle to get our attention. This whistle is loud, and nice, and slim. It's perfect. Grandma approved! She loves it.

Erich Gibson

Great deal! Looks very good on the key chain. Very good quality and extremely loud. Looks well made. Definitely a good buy!

Kevin Adams

I ordered another traditional-looking whistle with the pea in it and I can't get a good sound out of it at all. So I ordered these whistles and what a difference! These are easy to get a loud whistle out of and get my puppy's attention with no problem. I blow the whistle, give her a piece of cheese. I do it over and over. The next time, she was on the other side of the house, she came running when I blew the whistle, then sat and waited for the cheese, which of course she got...then I reinforced it a couple of times, short whistle, piece of cheese. Next, when she is out on the other side of the yard, I will have some cheese in hand and when I blow that whistle, I am sure she will come running no matter what she is doing out there! I love these whistles and the two colors, very good for the price. I am happy even though I wasted money on the other whistle.