Fishing Line Spooler Spinning
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James Haller

My wife used to have to hold the spool with tension before I got this. I usually spool about 300 yards of like, so that takes a while. This thing allows me to do it by myself.

Kevin Worner

I finally got a chance to use this and it is hands down the best reel spooling device I have ever tried. The way the gimbal action works on this thing makes it super easy to spool a spinning reel as well as a bait caster. It eliminates a lot of line twists as it spins the spool as it unwinds which beats the heck out of having a dancing spool of line turn into a knot on the floor or become an accidental cat/dog toy. Before you use it I would advise you to watch a youtube video on how to set it up. It wasn't intuitive to me but once I watched someone set it up, it was a cakewalk.

Ashtyn Ferry

Gooooood product !!! Thanks

David Jones

It's time to change the nylon on all the spools. They ranged from 8-lb test spinning reels to 80 lb test deep sea reels. This is NEVER an enjoyable task! Just too time-consuming and usually results in some tangled line, more so for spinning reels. This little tool certainly made that task easier and much more tolerable. It takes one or two reels to come to understand the pace that is needed to have the spool rotate at the proper speed for the particular reel. But the line winds quickly and evenly, tangle-free. I expected to have my spinning reels fit on the device, but I never expected to be able to mount a 9/0 Penn Senator. It handled it easily and made adding 700+ yards of 80 lb braid much easier. Tightly packed compared to the old-fashioned method of spooling off a pencil or having someone hold the spool and add thumb tension on the line as the reel is turned.

Georg Hauer

This spooler was exactly as advertised. Relined my reels prior to going to Canada for a week's fishing. I did not have one bird's nest the entire time of heavy casting and many fish. Highly recommend this spooler over the traditional way of horizontal winding. Eliminates twists in the line. The quality of the device is very well made. Everything needed is supplied (minus the line) so you are good to go immediately upon arrival. Easily packed in my tackle box in case I needed it. A must-have for all serious anglers.